1. If it was connected before, it cannot be connected now.

Due to an important firmware upgrade in the App system this month, some devices cannot be connected/identified successfully. Please follow the steps below to upgrade manually:

※ For iOS system user: Please upgrade the camera by Android phone first(only once). Please swipe left to delete the camera on the Android phone, If intended for iOS users. Refer to the attachment 4

※ For Android users, please refer to 1-6 to upgrade the system.

  1. A phone with Android system 5.0 or above and 2.4Ghz WiFi.
  2. Upgrade the App in App store, Or delete&re-download.
  3. Follow the user manual to connect to the App.
  4. Confirm the App version via Home page to [User Center] - [About]. Android V3.4.1.7 ; iOS V5.2.5  Refer to the attachment 1-2
  5. If Not, Go to [Settings]- [Firmware version] to upgrade. Refer to the attachment 3
  6. The Android system can be used properly.


user center             version    

       upgrade          attachment 2


2. Unable to connect for the first time, how do I know if it is a WiFi/router issues or the camera is defective?

Hotspot Test: Try to use another phone to send out the hotspot, use your phone and camera to connect to the hotspot.

1. If the connection is successful, the camera is work. Please contact the network/router service personnel for how to set the WiFi to ONLY 2.4GHZ; If 5GHZ and 2.4HGZ exist at the same time, it will not be able to connect.

2. If the connection is not successful, the camera is defective, please contact our customer service via email for replacement.

3How do I connect to WiFi correctly?

  1. For the first connection,it is best to place the camera and router close to or in the same room to prevent unstable signal.
  2. Confirm whether your phone system is supported or not.(iOS 9.0 and Android 5.1 or above)
  3. Whether the website is 2.4Ghz or not
  4. WiFi password entered correctly?
  5. If there are multiple WiFi at home, please check whether the phone and camera are connected to the same WiFi.
  6. The waiting time can reach up to 120s.

4APP shows: The current network is in poor condition/The App keeps going in circles.

There is a wall between the feeder, router and phone, network is blocked by walls or large obstacles. It is recommended that you place a WiFi extender in a suitable place to enhance the signal.

5How to add SD card?

The SD card slot is designed inside the camera.

6What type of SD card does this take?

Support Class 10 8 G-128 G high speed Card. (Class 4 may not support)

7. Can I use it without an SD card?

No SD card added to the feeder will not affect daily use. Without SD card, it can receive notifications, watch in real time, have pictures and record videos; just can’t use the Playback function.

8Can this connect to an iPad?

It can connect to Android phone, iPhone and iPad.(iOS 9.0 and Android 5.1 or above) NOT to Mac, computer, smart TV.

9Can't recognize the bird?

  1. Select [AI Bird] to connect App at the first time, if not, please reset and connect to the App again.
  2. If it is already [AI Bird], Exit the app, wait for the notification of bird, and then enter the app.Staying in the App may affect the program recognition function.

10How to confirm whether it is fully charged?

The red light will be ON during charging, and light OFF when it is fully charged. Due to the large battery capacity, it may take 12 hours to fully charge.

11How long does the battery last per charge?

In the fully charged state, it can run for about 30 days.

12. Do I need to charge before using it for the first time?

It is not necessary. There is a battery indicator in the App. If the battery level is lower than 15%, your phone will receive a warning.

13. How to protect my privacy?

  1. The camera is transmitted under private protocol which is safe.
  2. Bird identification certification is separated from camera video stream certification.
  3. One camera ID has one owner/administrator ONLY.
  4. If the camera is added by other user before, the original administrator will receive the unbind notice at once.

14. Never receive verification code when registry?

  1. Select the correct country code,
  2. Make sure your phone gets signal,
  3. Make sure your phone can make a call or receive message,
  4. Click "Re-get" button to get verification code again.

15. Why App shows “ The camera has been added by the other”?

In order to protect user's privacy, one camera ID has one owner/administrator ONLY. If other user wants to be a owner of your camera, he will get a warning via the App. If he insist to be the owner, you will be disconnected from this camera.

16. How to share the camera with my friends?

  1. Only the camera owner have permission to share to any of registered users via [Home page]- [Share].
  2. One camera can be shared to multiple users, but maximum three users can view the videos at the same time.

17. Camera is not on line?

  1. Your Wi-Fi or password is changed or not,
  2. Wi-Fi is disconnection
  3. Camera was run out of power

18. Why there is no Event/Playback?

  1. Ensure the SD card has been inserted;
  2. The SD card can be read by Camera, and confirm it in the [settings].
  3. Make sure [Settings]- [Recording mode] is Alarm instead of Disabled.

19. Why can't I get alerts?

  1. Turned on [Motion detection]function on [Settings]
  2. Turned on your phone to receive notifications from the App.

20. Why camera is not on the "camera list" after I reset the camera?

  1. Please remove the camera that has been reset.
  2. Add the camera again according to the User Manual.